Our partners are well-established manufacturing companies with focus on high quality products, using the latest technology to improve efficiencies in the steelmaking process.

ERGOLINESERGOLINES produces a whole range of products designed to achieve the highest standards in steel casting and melting quality. The product range includes stirrers and sensors capable to control every aspect of the continous casting process.
FAPROSIDFAPROSID is an Italian manufacturer of hot tops for steel plants and sleeves for foundries since 1965
FIB FIB-SERVICES GROUP develops unique technologies dedicated to the preventive maintenance and hot repair of the refractory lining of industrial furnaces.
FONDORFONDOR is an Italian manufacturer of moulds for ingot casting and slag pots. Manufacture moulds up to 35 tonnes.
IFGL  IFGL Refractories Ltd is a well established Indian manufacturer of Continuous Casting Refractories, Slide Gate Refractories and mechanisms, Gas Purging Plugs, Single Piece Taphole Sleeves.
CUNOVACunova is a global leading manufacturer of copper moulds for continuous casting machines and ESR moulds.
 GRA.BERGRA.BER is an Italian manufacturer of blast furnace tap hole drilling tools.
NUOVA FONDERIA di CastenedoloNuova Fonderia di Castenedolo is an Italian manufacturer of moulds for ingot casting and slag pots. Manufacture moulds up to 80 tonnes.
PROSIMETItaly’s largest manufacturer of casting powder; produce granulated casting and covering powder
MAGMAMachine building enterprise MAGMA is a modern production facility which includes specialized production sections and equipment for the steel industry.
SANACSANAC is an Italian manufacturer of magcarbon bricks; resin-and tarbonded, fired magnesite, chamotte, aloxid – and spinel bricks & basic and neutral castables.
TALLMAN TECHNOLOGIES Tallman Technologies Inc. is a designer and manufacturer of oxygen injection and solids injection technologies for the global steel industry. Their technologies are designed to improve efficiencies and reduce CO2 emissions in both EAF and BOF steelmaking.
TRBTRB is a French manufacturer with a global leading position for production of tap hole clays and castables for blast furnaces.
BSE Badische Stahl-Engineering GmbH – BSE – provides services for increasing the efficiency and productivity in the electrical steel industry worldwide.